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Summer Adventure

Regardless of their size, adrenalinjunkie or nature lovers, our partner Mountain High Adventure Center provides for every unique and unforgettable moments:


Experience the freedom of flying. The flight starts at 1700 m with an unforgettable view of the Kitzbüheler Alps. Enjoy a quiet glide through the air or on request the Pilot will give you an acrobatic experience that you will never forget.

Tandem Sky Diving

100% adrenaline with 200 km/h speed. You will jump from 4000 m into nothing and experience the madness of 40 seconds free fall.

Segway Summer Tours

Riding a Segway is a truly unique and fun experience! Discover the breathtaking landscapes around St.Johann in a completely new way. Cruise along forest roads and you will discover new corners. 

Family rafting

A trip for the whole family deployed on the stunning river of the "Tiroler Ache". It begins in Kirchdorf near St.Johann, travels over Erpfendorf through the wild-romantic scenery of Schleching. It will be a beautiful family trip. 


Canoe, one of the most fascinating sports disciplines for every age, it does no matter if you will paddle active or not. A great way to enjoy the stunning crystal clear waters of Tyrol.

Adventure Tubing

A Tubing adventure mixed with climbing, whitewater swimming, cliff jumping and floating through the breathtaking Klobenstein Canyon - the Grand Canyon of Tyrol! Tubing is the perfect idea for everyone who loves to have fun in the water.


Everyday life against the current: canyoneering with the river to yourself! We will jump over the steep cliffs into the water, swim through emerald green pools, explore narrow gorge rappel alongside waterfalls, or slide over slippery rocks. A team experience and a self-awareness - everything flows.


Rafting on the most beautiful wild waters in the Alps. High waves and powerful waves create a challenge for body and mind. Deployed in Saalach and Imster Schlucht. The "Ötztaler" River is also available - on request!


The ultimate funsport on the water for children and young people. In water-tight balls you run across the water without getting wet. Unbelievable fun for young and old. Directly by the entree you will find the Aquaball-Station by the Angerer See.


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